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Seminars & workshops

Make it fun!

We're convinced that putting form at the service of substance is the best way to engage your teams and align your management. That's why we create playful devices and pay close attention to design and communication, whether we're designing a seminar from A to Z, or bringing a convention or in-house event to life in a new way.


a strategy

We help you to establish and develop a collective vision for your company or department, through fun and original workshops that facilitate co-construction.
Ideal if... you want to set up a new organization, create or transform a department, if you're looking to identify new business or operational performance opportunities, or if you want to align on a common mission or vision.

Team cohesion
& corporate culture

We can help you create or strengthen your team dynamics, at company or departmental level. Our workshops are designed to help you identify and crystallize points of belonging and pride, and to help you get to know each other better and work together.  Ideal for... re-mobilizing your teams post-COVID or in a remote working context, working on the building blocks of your culture, developing team spirit, encouraging interpersonal skills and cross-functionality.

Seminar animation and roundtable discussions

When we run seminars, we bring you expertise in speaking and group facilitation, coupled with a detailed understanding of your business and transformation issues.
When should you call on us? When you're looking for guidance on content and form, where understanding counts more than Actors Studio, when you need to coach and support your seminar speakers beforehand, when you want a cutting-edge editorial proposal for your round tables and presentations.

Overall satisfaction rating for the seminars:


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