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We are a consulting firm born from the desire to bring meaning and build the future within companies.

Our values




high standards

At Sens Futur, creativity is as much an ideal as a daily practice. We are convinced that it is always possible to challenge the status quo and reinvent the way we do things. We encourage this creativity by cultivating a hybrid DNA that brings together professions that are enriched and reinvented by contact with each other: design, technical, training, consulting, communications and more. All team members have half a day a month dedicated to creativity and are encouraged to go and see exhibitions, have different experiences and share them with us to nourish everyone. Creativity is also expressed in the importance we give to form and in the war we wage on ugly PowerPoints. Long live design and long live innovation!

High standards don't lie in the details (leave the devil in the box!) but in the ability to meet and exceed our customers' expectations. We are demanding for you, but also - and above all - for ourselves, for the taste of a job well done and for intellectual ethics. We are demanding in terms of both content and form. What is well conceived is clearly expressed (and visualized). Demanding standards are what help us constantly improve and keep our customers' trust. At Sens Futur, high standards come in pairs, and we encourage our trainees and associates to work in pairs, so that we always have a 2nd opinion and can do better together than alone. 


Our team


A great TEAM
to accompany you

We believe in a new form of work where it makes no difference whether you're an employee or a freelancer. What counts is talent. And a willingness to work together on ever-changing challenges. We're proud to work with consultants, designers, trainers and coaches to bring you the best possible range of skills to meet your challenges.

A founding duo

The team


And many more...

Our independent consultants, coaches, experts and trainers work on a one-off or recurring basis with our customers... 

And soon, you?

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Form and content

No ugly powerpoint.
Because "form is substance that rises to the surface". That's (unfortunately) not our motto, but that of Victor Hugo. But we apply it on a daily basis with you, from the delivery of your strategic plans to the coaching of your managers and teams to optimize buy-in and adoption.
When we promise to help you break down silos, it's not to lock ourselves into the traditional codes of consulting.
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Seriousness without taking

it too seriously.

When we promise you innovation, it's not to offer daddy-style advice!
In fact, it's been proven that learning is not incompatible: it's more fun to retain, adhere to and understand. And while transformations can be moments of tension, even friction, we're convinced that they can also be a time of cohesion and inspiration, if we use emotion and playful devices wisely.

Short cycles

When we promise to go fast, it's as much to respect your time as ours!
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A startup-style project rhythm. We work in short cycles, with clearly identified deliverables. For strategy and support, we work in phases of 6 weeks to 6 months, depending on your needs.
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