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in the literal sense of the term!


Our job is first and foremost to advise, guide, support and equip our customers in their transformations. We know how to distinguish between common issues, and pride ourselves on our ability to constantly reinvent ourselves to meet the specific needs of our customers when it comes to transformation. We take a deliberately hollistic approach to transformation, so as not to miss out on the wrong diagnosis. Behind a digital transformation may lie a cultural transformation issue and a need for human support, just as behind cultural issues may lie a need to overhaul organization and processes. It's our job to identify and address these issues!


Your needs - Our solutions


Process review, internal reorganization or following a merger/departure plan, thinking about the optimal organization following the creation of a new department/company

Align your
teams on a
common vision

Implement a participative strategy, involving your teams in the materialization of a vision or the implementation of an action plan.


Involve and bond your teams right from the onboarding stage and give meaning to their day-to-day work, link your projects to the company's values and (re)create a positive team dynamic.


Identify the strong elements of your culture to highlight, involve your employees in the internal and external promotion of your departments



You know something's wrong, but you don't know exactly what? Have you identified a problem but would like to know what caused it? Would you like to know how your teams or customers feel?  If you find yourself in one of these situations, it's probably a good idea to start by diagnosing the situation.  Thanks to our cross-functional, multi-disciplinary approach, we can shed light on the social climate, areas for optimization in your organization or unexplored projects that have the greatest potential to transform you.


Do you have a vision but need to translate it into an action plan? We're here to help you turn it into reality.  Once an initial diagnosis has been made, or if you already have a very clear problem, we can work according to two modus operandi :  1/ strategic recommendation from us, if you need an outside view, a market vision or simply help in formalizing  2/ co-construction with your teams thanks to a collaborative approach in which we will set the pace and facilitate the creation of your action plan during workshops, seminars or interviews.  ...or a little of both!


Putting certainty back into uncertainty and helping you make decisions in a constantly changing environment - that's what we're all about!   We help you identify major issues, golden opportunities and priority projects. Thanks to a method based on systematic, collective scoring, and with our external viewpoint, you have the keys to move forward and deploy a concrete action plan. Throughout your projects, we provide you with analysis tools, transformation tracking and co-construction approaches to help you make the best decisions.

your values

Because values are often stated, rarely made explicit, and even less so materialized, we can help you align your strategy and activities with your values. We work with you from the (re)definition of your values, through their promotion and internal communication, to their implementation in each department.


Because change often requires an operational boost or start-up assistance, we also offer consulting services close to your teams. Our PMO's role is to help you structure, deploy and pace the transformation, using a pragmatic approach that never replaces your teams. 
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