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Valérie Limousin,
Internal Communications Manager

RATP Group - SIT


Case studies


Supporting the transformation of an IT department

Context & need

18 months

A French group specializing in the manufacture and distribution of wines and spirits launched a transformation in March 2020, aimed at "glocalizing"their IT functions. Their objective was to offer the same level of service whatever the subsidiary and country.  Given the context of the pandemic, the transformation did not achieve its objectives, and the Global Service Delivery teams needed support.

Solution & results/deliverables 

We set up a four-phase process to create a new, clear organization that enabled the client to deliver a high level of service and ensure that their teams fully embodied their roles and responsibilities.

01. Diagnosis & strategy

We carried out an initial quality and quantity audit to measure the gaps between objectives and the current situation, and to identify the main causes and levers for improvement, as well as the best practices to be shared and globalized.

02. Operational support & coaching
We then coached and supported the project managers in meeting their IT performance priorities (performance management overhaul, creation of steering dashboards, formalization of roles & responsibilities).

03. Change management & training

We created a tailor-made change management and training plan to raise awareness and train people on the new skills required by the transformation, from a methodological and mindset point of view.

04. Team building & seminars
To encourage the adoption of common practices and consolidate team spirit, we have organized moments of conviviality and sharing, remotely (2021) then face-to-face (2022).

Improving the employer's brand
attractiveness for young talents.

Context & need

12 weeks

RATP's IS, digital and tech teams were suffering from an image deficit among young engineers, and wanted to enhance their job offers and, more generally, modernize their employer brand in order to attract more applicants from engineering backgrounds, especially recent graduates. In addition, the department wanted to promote its activities internally in order to encourage internal mobility and give a clearer, younger image of its professions to new arrivals in general.

Solution & results/deliverables 

We came up with a playful device inspired by the games "Cards Against Humanity" and "Blanc Manger Coco" to capture the Millenials and Gen Z codes and present the activities in a pop, playful way.

01. Creation of a card game dedicated to recruitment and onboarding

After a phase of collecting the best projects, key figures and anecdotes, we designed a card game based on the codes of iconic 3-round quiz games and idea associations (such as "Cards Against Humanity") inspired by the literary game method of "Exquisite corpse" ("Cadavre Exquis" in French).

02. Animation of the game
We ran this game session with an audience of about forty people to introduce the team's role and challenges, and to get newcomers on board.

Raising awareness of risks and
regulatory issues

Context & need

10 weeks

The General Management and Risk departments of a major insurance group needed to train their staff on a wide range of risks: cybersecurity, data protection, compliance, internal control, finance and continuity. The challenge was to interest employees and raise their awareness of subjects that are too often perceived as complex and/or anxiety-provoking. The objective was to reduce overall risks and improve their understanding of their businesses. 

Solution & results/deliverables 

We set up a 2-stage internal communication program to raise employee awareness of regulatory risks and challenges. As support functions are often seen as "police" departments, and rarely as fun, we had to change this image, not only to promote understanding and adherence to the main principles, but also to maximize adoption of the fundamentals. 

01. Design of an awareness booklet

An awareness-raising booklet to summarize the challenges faced by risk-related departments: one double-page spread per theme to explain the key ideas in simple terms, with key principles, figures and anecdotes...

02. Creation of a fun awareness session
We then created a playful device: Prime Time. Inspired by the best game shows (Burger Quiz, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? etc.), this device maximizes adoption and understanding of the issues in a gamified way.

Team seminar to co-build a roadmap

Context & need

6 months

As the health crisis was coming to an end, a federation in the private healthcare sector wanted to understand the internal social climate and involve its teams in a seminar that would bring together all its members.

Solution & results/deliverables 

We helped the federation understand its internal climate, and facilitated the emergence of a common roadmap by organizing and leading moments of cohesion and sharing.

01. Diagnosis
A comprehension phase to identify irritants and strengths, and establish a diagnosis through individual and group interviews and a global survey.

02. Seminar

We designed and led a 1.5-day seminar for all members (90 people) to further materialize values, pride and identify solutions in response to the diagnosis.

03. Materialization & roadmap
The seminar was the subject of a workshop to plan the deployment of projects, and we provided a final roadmap with associated planning.

Transitioning a large group's IT department to Agile.

2 consultants
part-time over 12 months

Context & need

The CIO of an insurance group wanted to reorganize and switch to agile as part of an administrative transfer to a new entity. This threefold technological, organizational and cultural transformation was intended to meet a number of objectives: promote closer relationships with business partners, develop the added value and improve the image of the IT Department, consolidate the human foundations within a team destabilized by several transformations and internal conflicts, and gain in efficiency in the management of project portfolios. 

Solution & results/deliverables 

We managed this transformation by providing strategic consulting services to the CIO and his N-1s, while involving the teams from the outset:

01. Strategic consulting
A phase consisting of 3 CODIR workshops to co-create the initial plan and the deployment plan, and a follow-up in business advisory format after deployment.

02. Operational management
Weekly COPIL meetings, monitoring of actions and operational support for their implementation, deployment of transformation management tools and risk monitoring.

03. Offer definition
Creation of a catalog of products & services, branding of the ISD, assistance with the creation of the Customer Success Manager role. 

04. Change management
60% of employees were interviewed beforehand, and then 12 workshops and 3 gamified awareness & training sessions were organized and run to maximize the understanding of issues and adoption of the new organization.

Defining the vision and action plan for a new department direction.

3 months

Context & need

The new Project, Data & Innovation department of this banking sector company was expanding its scope, and its positioning remained poorly understood internally. Some historical activities were no longer relevant to the new ambition, and conversely, new activities such as data management were not represented in the current organization, even though they were strategic for the company. The department manager therefore wanted to review objectives, roles and responsibilities, and breathe new life into the department to align everyone around a long-term vision.

Solution & results/deliverables 

In a co-creative approach, we defined the foundations of this new department in terms of vision and objectives, roles, responsibilities and operating methods. We also developed a solid system to unite the teams, with an engaging action plan and clear, inspiring communication. 

01. Vision and action plan

A first phase of analysis of the mapping of existing activities to identify the gap between the ambition, the perception of other departments and the current level of service; then the construction of a roadmap and an action plan to redefine the scope of each activity, roles and responsibilities, new operating modes and needs linked to the People and skills dimension (staffing, training, etc.).

02. Communication and leadership

This second phase was divided into 3 main missions:

- Naming the department to convey its new ambition;

- Propose and deploy an ambitious communication plan for teams;

- Develop leadership with individual coaching sessions to embody the vision.

03. Governance and project

We reviewed and provided tools for the strategic alignment and project commitment process, and proposed a model to help the management committee in its investment choices.  We have also set up a project practice and trained our teams in a unified methodology.

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